Final Round

June 22, 2008

The following is a list of blog entries relevant to the learning outcomes of this final unit.

“seconds out, final round” January 08: My work in commercial editing begins. More experience of ringside.

“Peaks and troughs” February 08: experimentation with cropping away main subject matter

“A lot of bull” February 08: further stretching of footage and zooming deeper into the shadows. At this point I was most confident I was on track with what I truly wanted to produce as a film. 

“Digging deeper” Feb08, as above

(I would in fact say that all of Februarys posts are outlines of a seminal moment with the projects momentum)

March became a rather less confident month, see;

“Trial and error”, and, “prepare to land”

April, a major step in both my research and in my confidence in the work, see “A close second” (research), and  “split decision” (Crit)

May saw a return to the more philosophical “moments of lucidity”,

and a successful colloquium “Chin Down”.

June began with some conviction, “Digging deep”.


The evidence of the work mentioned in the above list of posts is partially documented  both in text and visual work. This is backed up by further examples and sketches on the DVDs submitted. All of my work this unit has filtered into the final piece itself. I have realised during the process of collating this work for assessment, that i have produced a piece of work that directly represents the revelations of my participatory research.


show build time. friday

June 22, 2008

Cleared away rest of chairs from hall and finished screens.

helped clear and store furniture 

assisted sharon with her boxes

bits of sawing for people

general tidy up.

Maybe get rid of some more chairs next week………

show build time. thusday

June 22, 2008

Picked Sharon up first thing, plus computer. 

Installed screens in lecture hall

Got Yan and Rio to paint screens, then I cleaned up the paint foot prints they left across the floor!

had to wait some time for the admin staff to leave, then attached all the metal boxes and leaflet holders to main corridor wall.

show build time: wednesday

June 18, 2008

Completed artist statement in morning then tutorial with TB. Show build in pm, mainly tool runs and avoiding stressed students. 

Painting tomorrow mainly but further jobs include

Pick up sharon in car with computer.

drilling if not already done (admin corridor)

I suspect the tables in IT are gonna look shite, avoided scenario with Adriano who seems to be on a mission.

Source lead for gary mcleod piece (see instructions left by parents)

Show build time: Tuesday

June 18, 2008

Got in just after 8am. removed all chairs from lecture hall into storage. Had meeting with staff re use of the hall before the show, have left some seating out for that usage. 

Spoke to hektor, he is organising reel.

Brought in drill for the dismantling of tables.

2 hours writing, tutorial with Tom


due to major panic with written pieces, am going to concentrate on getting them done.

Tutorial with tom.

Attend show build in afternoon if possible. 

show build time. Monday

June 18, 2008

room clearance

plinth gathering

paint sourcing

see tom

2 hours writing

agenda for tomorrow:

clear lecture hall of excess chairs and tables (store on balcony)

see tom re statement

liaise with hektor re film reel

Cut time

June 15, 2008

The film is now de-squeaked, buffed and in its best frock. I need to hand a copy to Andy for assessment and a copy to Hektor for the reel. With that out of the way, it should be plain sailing with the 2 written pieces. My main problem is not wanting to repeat myself. It feels like i’ve said and written the same words time and time again and have stumbled. This week is show build time and i reckon it should go smoothly. There will be stress but the mission is at least defined. 


Digging deep

June 10, 2008

I am in a perpetual state of what feels like indecision. Decisions i do make seem to inspire little confidence. Having returned to the constituent parts of the film, i managed to position myself in a no win situation by dismembering the piece and therefore making it unrecognisable. After many attempts at new structures for the edits, i realised that what i had at the beginning was the “sketch” to work from. As this original version harboured a few bogey-men, i concentrated my efforts on the audio. This i wanted to make into a soundtrack. I believed this would be the route most likely to lead to a strong visual and linear narrative. I could feed the visuals off the audio and hopefully lead to my being more able to be selective in the approach to which clips were best to use.

After several days on this tack i was pleased to find that what i thought was possible became very real. i believe i have that in the bag. From then on i had a storyboard of sorts,  timeline with a beginning and an end. I had always wanted the time that my piece ran for had a link with the subject matter. Time had become, and still retains a huge importance in the boxing, and i wanted to acknowledge that in the film. The soundtrack was perfect in that it runs for 8 minutes, which is the exact length of an amateur or White-collar bout; 3x 2 minute rounds with 2 x 1minute breaks in between.

After creating a general order for the clips, similar to the original, i began to extract and crop-out the chaff and generally make the piece more lean. This allowed the soundtrack to breathe and not get muddied. The images following the pieces now flowing crescendo.

On completing this stage i took astep back and viewed the piece as a whole (a difficult task!) and felt 90% of the way, and quite pleased. This version i passed around a few people and the feed back was positive but also underlined a weak area. This was not easy to pinpoint until one comment received suggested the need for some quicker movement in the imagery. I hadn’t realised how much of the footage was slowed and to what extent. This made me feel that i needed to get back to what a boxing bout is also about, speed and strength. I had enjoyed until this point the fact that the only visible violence in the film was of the cornerman slapping his boxer. After slipping in some real-time (cropped) footage of the fighters and I knew I had the missing link. Muscle and hitting.

I am sitting on the piece now until i am able to view it on a big screen (dont get me started).

Written work to hand in…..

Through The Ropes it is..

May 30, 2008

I have decided on the title for my piece, Through The Ropes. This at least implies the right combination of containment, voyeurism etc. This would usually be the icing-on-the-cake moment, but the title is the only part of the piece that have any confidence about. I cannot seem to re-engage with the piece. In any of its various states. The show is looming and I fear  i may have to present a piece that I am not prepared to stand by. As i prepare more versions, time slips by, when time away from the piece maybe the best thing for me to gain back some clarity of vision, objectivity. But time is slpping by and decisions have to be made regarding the piece and its final look. Could this be the reason that only the last term of the MA is relevant toward our final mark? Seems a little cruel.  Falling at the last hurdle, decided on penalties and other sport-related metaphor……

Moments of lucidity

May 13, 2008

On reflection, i believe it was a good idea to focus on my action/participatory-research for the colloquium last week. I think it was the best way to portray the nub of my enquiry and to give a taste of how i have been going about my work. This i believe to have been cathartic following a period of negativity towards my work. 

Since presenting to the group and gaining the feedback about how to “improve” my piece, and therefore to better communicate my research, I have felt, and still feel, completely detached from the film. I have found it incredibly difficult to engage with it, or even watch it, let alone set about any changes or amendments. Yet that is what I have forced myself to do. I have now produced several new versions, all guided by the groups comments and have possibly arrived at a final piece. Unfortunately one that I dont feel in any way linked. I would very much like this all to be over as I am being stifled by feelings of disillusion and, ironically, intimidation. This is why I am glad i was able to present at the colloquium in the way that i did.

i do feel a responsibility to climb back up to the confident position I was in before this month, but at this late stage, i think it too late and somewhat impossible. I have an anger towards those in the position to judge, as i believe that position is being abused or at least wrongly interpreted. I am at risk of using this blog as a soap box to slag people off so I shall endeavour to keep that aspect out….